Halalan 2016 Coverage: Punctuations on Balanced Reporting

DEMOCRACY through its relentless consensus with man and his government gives us an unrestrained expression of our opinions and agenda. The campaign trail for this year’s elections can be considered as one of the most fixated in history as obviously seen on new media as voters argue what is right and wrong. The traditional media on the other hand seemed to have failed its purpose and ideals as facilitators of public opinion by somehow managing to discreetly impose agenda on their coverage.

Given that we all desire an outcome that delineates what want to see in the next six years, it is understandable that we, by all means would endorse a bearer of what we perceive as what the Philippines should be in the days to come. But do we really have to compromise standards and principles in order to fulfill our desires?

Black propaganda has been one of the sharpest edges of one campaign team from another. As seen in news in television programs, print media, online news sources and radio, it seems to be tolerable for the journalists, editors, producers and writers of the broadcasting company to be biased in an ill manner.

Although black propaganda has always been a conductor of stories that people love to read, I can only ask why advertisements that detract a candidate, which belongs in social media could breach the confines of traditional media, where it has always been imperative to be balanced?

It is still unthinkable to have all of the important factors of reporting become compromised just because it is a time of conflicting interests among people. Journalists should always consider the values and standards of every voter in choosing their candidates and they should never manipulate people to respond to such differences as a division, but rather they should help the people receive it as a diversity of ideals for one vision.

As we live in an age where involvement has intensified due to the advancements in technology, it might be time to reconsider the reception of campaign trails in the years to come. The antagonistic response of voters with opinions different from theirs should be redirected into something positive in order to create a campaign environment that is intellectual—both in discourse and in context.

And in turn, the traditional media should stay traditional in its principles and values. Any demarcation caused by conflicting interests should be addressed like how the justice system of our Democracy should actually be exercising balance and justice.

As the Manifesto of writers that was issued by award-winning writer Miguel Chuck Syjuco says: “Elections pass, systems crumble, but stories remain.” Journalists should always remember that the hungry demand for change should never devour the principles of balance.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.52.50 PM
Manifesto also published in Inquirer.net



Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.54.02 PM
Last paragraph of the Manifesto

Because as we all know, the six years we all clamor for is not permanent, but its permanence will outlast everyone, and it is up to Journalists to bring all of these stories into justification; Without punctuating balance with interest. Neil Jayson N. Servallos


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