Jariño: Duterte rape joke misaligned

“RAPE IS STILL RAPE,” said ABSC Auditor Ralph Reindle Jariño in response to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s rape joke that went viral over social media.

In a chance interview earlier today, Jariño argued that Duterte’s joke, which showed contempt over the Australian missionary that was raped in a hostage crisis in 1989, manifested disregard on human dignity.

“We have regained our embodiment of human dignity and rights after Martial Law, an embodiment that Duterte does not take part of, obviously,” Jariño discoursed.

ABSC Auditor Jariño 

Jariño also pointed out that heedlessness on words elicited Duterte’s flak over social media “As a presidential candidate, he [should’ve] been careful [with] the things he said,” the ABSC Auditor contended.

Aside from disregard of human dignity, Jariño also addressed the Presidential candidate’s standard of peace and order, further arguing that there is a ‘‘fecundity’’ of possibilities on a circumstance of crime.

“To entirely disregard the human rights without due process would compromise human rights and should be strongly opposed,” he argued.

He also commented on Duterte’s supporters, saying they are coming from an unreasonable regard for the law. “They want a leader who walks the talk—in the sense of not resorting to diplomacy nor dialogue—it’s as if he puts the law in his hands and enforces it in a means of punishment,” Jariño remarked.

The ABSC Auditor also urged voters not to tolerate such leadership, and not to let impulse prevail. “Voters should be educated more in order to bring back their critical impulse that was numbed by society’s imposition of capitalism and culture industry,” he affirmed.

Change as a contrast

Carolyn Nanca, a Natural Sciences instructor in the Faculty of Arts and Letters said the rape joke was in all senses wrong, but it does not change her thoughts on the Presidential candidate. “My faith is still with him, because I believe he can still change,” she said.

“It’s not about his moral issues, I acknowledge his lapses wholeheartedly, but it’s his political background and achievements I consider,” Nanca added.

The Faculty member addressed voters and social media critics, saying that looking on the positives of the candidates can settle debates. “If we would look at the positives of the candidates, we can see the reason why and why not a voter chose them,” she remarked.

“Respect comes in when a voter learns how to look at candidates, and who prefers them,” Nanca said, explaining the important role of respect in candidate preference disputes. Neil Jayson N. Servallos


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