Senatorial bets to champion underprivileged

LEGISLATIONS and developments focused on education, labor and employment were pledged to be empowered by Senatorial candidates in attendance for the Faculty of Arts and Letters’ Senatorial forum earlier today.

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Romulo and Ople during the iAM Senatorial Forum ©AB The Flame

“I base my legislative agenda on my advocacy for the OFWs—our modern heroes,” Ople said during her opening statement.

She mentioned the need for a Department of Migration and Development healthcare programs for the OFWs, even narrating the efforts for repatriation of stranded OFWs in Saudi Arabia.

“I’m offering myself as someone with the deepest experience when it comes to labor migration. That is what I bring to the table,” Ople said.

In his opening statement, Congressman Romulo emphasized on the to have accessible and affordable schooling for the underprivileged and empowerment of students.“Students should benefit from the education their government provides, that why it is a must to enact laws to carry out their call for help,” Romulo said.

The two senatoriables also addressed the crucial role of Internet and Wi-Fi for students and workers, discussing the overpricing of Internet service. “We will ask local TeleCom companies to consult foreign providers in order to justify and reconsider the overpricing of Internet service,” Romulo added.

Ople supported Romulo on the advantages of having affordable and dispersed accessiblity of Wi-Fi connections and the need to enact free connection for every Filipino citizens, especially students. “Free and accessible Wi-Fi should be a part of our learning investments. It will give us an educationally and globally competetive edge,” Ople said.

On Poe’s alleged diqualification

Ople and Romulo also expressed their support for Presidential candidate Grace Poe as an anonymous query from the crowd with regards to a breaking news from Manila Times saying Poe is disqualified from the Presidential elections was raised.

“We are still not aware about the allegation, but given it is true, we will give our full support to Senator Grace Poe,” Romulo and Ople said.

The senatorials also gave their word in supporting other underprivileged people and institutions such as the LGBT community, the Disabled, Indigenous people, Artists and Cultural envoys.

Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, Former MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, Red Cross Chair Richard Gordon were no shows given their busy schedules for other agenda in the campaign proceedings. Neil Jayson N. Servallos


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