100 Words barred in News Writing

Circumlocutions are commonly used expressions wherein instead of a word, several are used to configure thoughts. Almost all of these are habitual in nature. Writers whether professional or not tend to overlook these habits in constructing sentences or thoughts into several words instead of concisely enveloping them into one. Among the thousands of circumlocutions that are used, here is a list of 100 of the most commonly used ones:


  1. According to our records—We find …
  2. Adequate number of—enough
  3. adjacent to—beside, by, close to
  4. afford an opportunity—allow, give, let
  5. ahead of schedule—early
  6. a large proportion of—many, most, much (or be specific)
  7. all of—all (unless followed by a pronoun)
  8. almost all—most
  9. along the lines of—like, similar, similar to
  10. already exist—drop already
  11. an estimated—about, almost, more than, nearly
  12. are in possession of—has, have, owns, with
  13. arrange to return—return
  14. as a matter of fact—Usually unneeded. Leave out.
  15. as a result of—because, because of, since
  16. as long as—if, since
  17. as of now; as of [date] about; —from, on
  18. As per [our records] …—Our records show …
  19. as regards—about
  20. assuming that—if
  21. as to—about, of, on, to (or leave out)
  22. as well as—also, and
  23. at all times—always (or leave out)
  24. at an early date—soon (or a specific date)
  25. center around—at, in, on, revolve around
  26. in most cases—often, usually
  27. in order to—to
  28. in place of—for
  29. in (the) possession of—has, have
  30. in reference to—about, for, on
  31. in regard to; in relation to about, for, on; about, in, on, to, toward, with
  32. in respect of—about, for, of
  33. in spite of (the fact that)—although, despite
  34. in terms of about—at, by, for, in, with
  35. in the amount of—for, of, the
  36. in the context of—about, for, in, of
  37. in the course of—at, during, in, while
  38. in the event that—if, when (not if and when)
  39. come to an agreement—agree
  40. comply with—follow, obey
  41. conduct an investigation—investigate or examine, explore, find out, look into, research, search, 43. study
  42. conduct experiments—experiment
  43. one of the—a, an, one
  44. on most occasions—usually
  45. on the part of—among, by, for, of
  46. over the duration of—during
  47. per annum —a year, yearly, annually
  48. per capita—a person, a head
  49. per diem—a day, daily, daily allowance, for each day
  50. present time—now, present
  51. consensus of opinion, general consensus—agreement, consensus
  52. contiguous to—adjoining, next to, touching
  53. course of—at, during, in, while
  54. desirous of—use a form of want (or leave out)
  55. despite the fact that—although, despite, even though
  56. draw to your attention—point out, remind you of, show, show you
  57. due to the fact that—as, because, because of, for, since
  58. during such time, during the course of, during the time—during, when, while
  59. time frame—age, era, interval, period, time
  60. to a certain degree—in part, less often, less so, partially, some
  61. to a large degree—largely
  62. to whatever extent—however
  63. under the provisions of—by, under
  64. until such time—until, when
  65. use up—use
  66. was of the opinion that—believed, said, thought
  67. we are of the opinion—we believe, we think
  68. whether or not—whether
  69. with a view to—to
  70. with reference to—about, for, on (or leave out)
  71. effect many changes—change
  72. except when—unless
  73. excessive number of—too many
  74. extend an invitation—invite
  75. for the purpose of—for, of, to
  76. for the reason that —because, for, since
  77. in lieu of—for, instead of
  78. in the (very near) (not too distant) future—soon
  79. none at all—none
  80. not in a position to—cannot, can’t, unable to
  81. notwithstanding the fact that—although, despite, even if, however
  82. of major importance—are important, is important, was important
  83. on a daily basis, on a regular basis—daily, regularly
  84. on behalf of—backed, for, supported
  85. prior to—before, ahead of
  86. provided that—if, provided
  87. pursuant to—by, following, under
  88. with regards to—regarding
  89. realize a savings of—save
  90. refer to as—call, name, term
  91. regards to, as regards, with regard to—about, as for, for, in, of, on, over, respecting, to,
  92. toward,—with
  93. relating to—about, on
  94. result in—lead to
  95. short supply—scarce
  96. some of the—some
  97. spell out—describe, detail, explain, specify, show
  98. state with confidence—use a form of be confidene
  99. spell out—describe, detail, explain, specify, show
  100. state with confidence—use a form of be confident

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